How to unlock an impeccable label, shrink sleeve or pouch for a food and beverage product?

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By Mélanie Rousseau Issued on October 8th, 2021

Are your developing a new label, shrink sleeve or pouch for a food or beverage product? Many factors come into play when creating a flawless label, shrink sleeve or pouch. The solution must adhere to your product, stand out from the competition and protect the content as it moves through the supply chain and retail environment, on its way to the consumer. Ideally, it must help you reach your sustainable goal as well.

Here are three questions we like to ask before recommending a reliable solution.

What is your production, application and storage environment?

Sachets for food

••• Hot ••• Pasteurized ••• Ambient ••• Chilled ••• Frozen ••• Deep Freeze •••

Your production and storage environment will impact the performance of your label or flexible packaging. Hence, working with an expert team like Labelink will make sure the right paper, film and adhesive are selected. This is critical to prevent production inefficiencies, ensure food safety and secure your brand integrity.

What is the shape and surface property of your container?

Labels for glass container and oil

••• Dry ••• Fatty ••• Rough ••• Moist ••• Special Shape •••

Each surface will require a distinct solution. And it’s not just about the adhesive. Choosing the right paper and film will ensure the product looks its best and can be recycled.

What is the shelf appeal and your design objectives?

Shrink sleeves for beverages

••• Mat ••• Gloss ••• Metallic ••• Glitter ••• No-label look ••• Holograms ••• Embossing ••• Hot/Cold Stamping •••

Finally, a combination of paper, ink, varnish and lamination can make a product stand out with memorable graphics or a unique shape – or provide security features with specialty inks and holograms.​

The answers to these questions impact the look and feel of your product and can eliminate production inefficiencies.

Are you struggling with a labelling application or subpar look and feel?

Discover a robust line of packaging solutions – by Label!nk.

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