Innovate with sustainable labels and sleeves that use fewer resources and protect the environment

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By Mélanie Rousseau Issued on October 12th, 2020

Sustainable labels and sleeves

Labels and sleeves that use fewer resources

Increase the amount of recycled content, guarantee recyclability, reduce thickness, use renewable bio-based alternatives… there are many different solutions out there that can help your brand achieve its sustainability goals.

Reach your brand sustainable goals with these ideas:

1. Boost recycled content or incorporate renewable resources.

••• Forest Stewardship Council® papers ••• Papers made from 100% recycled contents ••• Thinner films and papers ••• Films with recycled contents ••• Wood-based films ••• PET label liner with recycled content •••

  • Did you know that you can enhance production efficiency and capacity with PET label liners made from recycled content? High-strength PET reduces the liner thickness compared to a traditional paper liner. Moreover, they make it possible to run at the highest speeds even in humid conditions and eliminate production bottlenecks due to web breaks.

2. Contribute to the circular economy with recyclable & reusable packaging solutions.

Labels with repulpable adhesive

••• Wash off adhesives ••• Repulpable adhesives ••• Compatible inks ••• Recyclable liners ••• For PET, HDPE, polypropylene, glass or cardboard containers •••

  • Did you know that wash off adhesives allow the label and package to neatly part away during the recycling process, resulting in improved yields of recycled PET and HDPE flakes.
  • Repulpable adhesive solutions address the issue of “stickies” – the small particles resulting from the combination of adhesives and paper – known to contaminate the cardboard recycling process.

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3. Select green and sustainable flexible packaging solutions.

Thinner and eco-friendly sleeve

••• Thinner, floatable eco-friendly films ••• Perforations for easy detachment ••• Selection of recyclable materials ••• Raw materials made from post-consumer waste or integrate bio-based layers ••• ​

  • Did you know that Label!nk is recognized for its technical expertise in flexible packaging?
  • Label!nk can propose flexible packaging that meet your sustainable objectives without compromising the resistance, performance and security features of the solutions.

Generate sustainable benefits and achieve operational savings with Label!nk’s consultative approach.

We think out-of-the box and we passionately share our know-how to allow you to achieve your brand’s sustainable objectives!

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Discover a robust line of sustainable packaging solutions – by Label!nk.

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