Labelink services that derserve to be known!

The world of Labelink

By Mélanie Rousseau Issued on February 8th, 2021
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A comprehensive portfolio of printing solutions… and services that deserve to be known!

Security labels_Features to discover

Security labels: features to discover

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Stop Counterfeiting, Protect Product Integrity and Prevent Theft Did you know that Labelink is helping several businesses by providing security labels that meet various objectives? Fakes and knock-offs result in lost revenues and depreciation of the brand, not to mention serious public health and safety risks.

Strengthen your business with Labelink!

Over 15 years of value-added solutions and strategic support

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Strengthen your business with Labelink! Here’s a overview of turnkey solutions we offer:  Art design services and prepress RFID tag/label design services Product reengineering Laboratory and aging tests On site analysis, strategy, testing and implementation Inventory management and warehousing Pick & pack operation and distribution Online services (release, inventory reports, personalization, kitting) Procurement intelligence monitoring

Advantages of RFID versus barcode

Advantages of RIFD over barcode

By Mélanie Rousseau Issued on January 6th, 2021
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Compare RFID and barcode (click to enlarge image)   Label!nk is a trusted RFID label convertor with full encoding service since 2006. From miniature tags for jewellery to large airport luggage labels or heavy-duty industrial applications, Label!nk designs RFID labels and tags in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. We help our customers create

Chaine d'approvisionnement pour étiquettes et manchons

North American shrink sleeves, RFID and PSL labels solutions manufactured from high quality North American raw materials

By Mélanie Rousseau Issued on January 4th, 2021
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Does Covid-19 have ripple effects on your supply chain? In this global and very integrated economy, it’s worth taking a moment to prepare for any eventualities. What do you do if a supplier can’t supply? Hint: Labelink’s raw materials are sourced in North America. Do you have alternative sources of suppliers? Let’s talk. Do you

RFID labels: an introduction

Create unique ID with RFID labels

By Mélanie Rousseau Issued on November 5th, 2020
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RFID — Radio Frequency Identification — is used to tag and track items, people and animals. Just as a barcode or a magnetic strip is scanned to get the information, the RFID also must be read, but without the need for line of site or human intervention! Strengthen your business with the power of RFID

Transform your brand with sustainable flexible packaging

Transform your brand with sustainable flexible packaging

By Mélanie Rousseau Issued on November 2nd, 2020
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Sustainable flexible packaging Did you know? Flexible packaging is the second-largest packaging segment representing around 19% of the packaging market. It’s a vibrant and growing market.* Boost your visibility with sleeves & pouches You can achieve a unique shelf appeal with a specialty finish on flexible packaging. Moreover, Pouches and sachets are convenient, effortless and

Sustainable labels and sleeves

Innovate with sustainable labels and sleeves that use fewer resources and protect the environment

By Mélanie Rousseau Issued on October 12th, 2020
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Sustainable labels and sleeves Increase the amount of recycled content, guarantee recyclability, reduce thickness, use renewable bio-based alternatives… there are many different solutions out there that can help your brand achieve its sustainability goals. Reach your brand sustainable goals with these ideas: 1. Boost recycled content or incorporate renewable resources. ••• Forest Stewardship Council® papers

A label for each industry

A labelling solution for each industry

By Mélanie Rousseau Issued on September 18th, 2020
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Your industry is unique. It prompts us to create reliable labelling solutions, just for you. Labels and sleeves Label!nk creates labels and shrink sleeves that resist chemicals, oil and alcohol. We also have solutions for harsh environments like extreme heat or humidity. Learn more. Durable labels and RFID tags Labe!nk designs durable and UL* certified