UL certified labels for doors, windows, furniture, appliances, etc.

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By Mélanie Rousseau Issued on July 30th, 2020

Discover a complete range of UL certified labels as well as RFID tags designed to meet the needs of many manufacturing industries including the window and door sector, electrical components, appliances and furniture.

UL certified labels for the electrical industry

UL certified and durable labels for the manufacturing industry and the electrical component sector

  • Durable labels, UL or CSA certified (warnings, serial numbers, etc.)
  • Labels affix onto powder coated paint surfaces
  • Repositionable, removable or permanent labels
  • Sealing labels for containers
  • Peel-off labels, shrink sleeves, tamper proof labels, RFID tags

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Complex and reliable designs

Custom die, artistic surfaces (up to 10 colors) with various specialty finishes for high-end results and special effects.

Good to know

Labelink successfully implemented RFID technology for tracking purposes at a kitchen furniture manufacturer.

What's your challenge

Discover a robust line of packaging solutions – by Labelink.

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Photos credits: Unsplash and Pexel

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