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Labelink offers a complete in house pre-press service, including graphic design, color proofing and plate manufacturing, allowing for greater quality control and faster turnaround. Labelink is proud to offer in-house Digital Platemaking, the latest innovation in high-definition flexographic platemaking. The Computer-To-Plate (CTP)  technology speeds new print jobs through pre-press process by eliminating steps once used in traditional platemaking. Our CTP and HD devices bring the benefits of better quality printing.

Furthermore, we are currently implementing the Esko process to make our department more effective as possible while optimizing the quality of our prints.

For more information about ESKO system Please click here 

Software used

  • Preferably Illustrator files and Photoshop for picture (we also accept QuarkXPress and InDesign files)
  • If your file is made in Corel Draw or Freehand, you must export it into an eps format compatible with MacIntosh

Typical electronic files

  • eps or ai (Illustrator) • eps, psd, jpeg, tiff (Photoshop) • qxd (QuarkXPress) • indd (InDesign)


  • Please provide all fonts used in the design of your document
  • If you cannot provide them, you must convert your fonts into lines or curves


  • Include all originals of the pictures and graphics in your folder (Photoshop and Illustrator files)
  • These must be CMYK high definition files (minimum 260 lpi – ideal 300 lpi or more (lines per inch).
  • Any black text added to the label must be composed of 100% black, not 4 colors process.


  • Please ensure that all colours have the appropriate Pantone (PMS) numbers. Eliminate all unnecessary colours.
  • Also, make sure that PMS colours have not been converted into process.

UPC and Barcodes

  • Make sure to have necessary space on your label for a upc 80% of size or more. 80% is the minimum legal size.
  • All UPC and Barcodes will be redone by us. If your label contains a non conventional UPC or Bacode, please indicate which kind it is.

Also, our Pre-press department can  provide you some customized services according to your needs and expectations (eg expectations about colors, graphics …).

Our strategic support department can be summarized by the following points:

  • Inventory management
  • Supporting stock’s management
  • Robust product transfer’s system
  • Meeting customer specific needs
  • Proposing derivative products (equivalent) to reduce your costs (R & D)
  • Opening closer to our customers plant
  • Fit to the emergency (flexibility)
  • Providing statistics on consumption, quality or other
  • Stability in the purchase process

We are very proud to say that we have maintained an average of label’s rejection under .05 % .

Quality control starts when a project comes to us

  • Customer Service
  • Planning and Purchasing
  • Pre-press
  • Plate
  • Production
  • Finishing
  • Customer service personalized with a resource person who is dedicated to you
  • Access 24 /7 to your online inventory to simplify customer management ( Labeltraxx / Etraxx )
  • We are flexible for our customers ; rush’s orders management
  • Once we received the order, within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation and a delivery date
  • We can support you during your acquisition or your internal projects (case stories )
    • Dedicated
    • Knowledgeable team
    • Flexibility
    • Understanding your business

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