• Data transfer between an interrogator (reader/writer) and a transponder (RFID inlay ) that is attached on an item for identification.
  • Fast, reliable, and does not require physical line of sight or contact between reader/writer and the tagged item;
  • The item can be stationary or in motion during the ID process.

Why use RFID?

  • Deter theft, counterfeiting, etc.;
  • Reduce out-of-stock incidents;
  • Reduce errors;
  • Improve shipment verification;
  • Improve WIP tracking;
  • Branding experience (NFC);
  • Accuracy, speed, dependability;
  • Labour cost savings;
  • Reduce handling times;
  • An old technology being applied to assist commerce in being more effective.

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RFID & Labelink


-Marnlen RFID becomes first convertor of RFID tags and labels in Canada

-Privacy tag developed in partnership with IBM

-2 million RFID labels produced in first year



-Full service encoding lab created



-Extreme environment UHF RFID Tag developed

-10 millionth RFID label produced



-Foldable UHF RFID retail tags developed

-On Metal readable UHF RFID flag label developed



-25 millions RFID label produced



-Labelink acquires Marnlen RFID



-Full color print RFID labels perfected

-High speed NFC encoding developed



-Piggyback RFID labels developed



-50 millionth RFID label produced



-Two sided colour retail and agriculture tags developed;

-High performance laminated print pallet tags developed;

-Colour print tamper evident windshield label developed.


Current Production Items

  • Flag Tag
  • Jewelry Tag
  • Buddy Label
  • Dual RFID Label
  • Waste management tags
  • Nursery Tag
  • Data Cartridge Tag
  • NFC Tags
  • Hang Tags
  • Generic Labels
  • HBC Retail
  • Airport luggage tags
  • Logistic 4×2’s
  • Windshield Label
  • Library Labels
  • Two sided printed tags and tickets

RFID Trends

  • RFID Continues to grow
    • — 12% growth year to year
  • Retail Adoption Rate
    • —60% growth over next 3 years
    • — American Apparel, Macys, JCPenney, HBC
  • NFC Gaining traction
    • — Branding experience & e-commerce, but not at the item level yet

What’s next…?

RFID being placed in places you would never dream of (concrete, hockey jerseys, high value pharma, etc…)

We can offer you many possibilities!