• When and why should I print my labels Digitally?
    There are several times and reasons why you should print your labels Digitally using the HP Indigo WS4500. Here are a few, but if you have specific questions please feel free to call to determine if Digital printing is right for you.
    1. When you have multiple skus and short to medium runs. An example would be needing 10 versions of 50,000 labels.
    2. When you need quick turnarounds.
    3. When you want to order just what you need and nothing more to reduce your inventory.
    4. When you need consistent color printing from order to order.
    5. When you need consistency in the color of your Brand.
    6. When you want to avoid the price of plates.
    7. When you want to launch a test market on time and cost­effectively (like Coke).
  • How do I achieve my spot colors through 4 color process?
    HP Digital printing uses CMYK, Violet, Orange and Green as colors. Of course white is also available for hitting the solid whites for clear substrates. From these colors virtually any pantone or special color can be generated.
  • How is this type of printing different from Flexo printing?
    Digital printing is very different. It does not use plates since art files are sent directly to the printer. It is fantastic for achieving consistency from run to run, even after a long period of time. The registration of small print is perfect. The colors are outstanding.
  • Do you have sizes that are close to my label size?
    Because of the growth of Digital printing for us in the last 2 years, we have an inventory of dies that just might fit what you’re looking for. In the event that you don’t, we can price one out for you. You will notice that the price of a Digital die is much less than a regular rotary die for flexo.
  • What kinds of materials are best suited for printing my labels?
    Virtually any kind of material you are printing labels on right now can be used for printing your labels Digitally. This includes White/Clear poly and up to 14pt board.
  • If I give you artwork today, when can I expect to receive my labels?
    Our Digital press is on a normal 5-7 day turnaround. We are working to get that to 3 days. However, we have been known to finish a job (1000 6 color labels on clear) in 3 hours.
  • What type of proof will I see or receive?
    Most proofs can be approved over a pdf. But in the event that you would like to see a proof before printing this is not a problem. The great thing is that you can see a proof that will be printed on the material your labels or packaging will be printed on. You can have a real sample proof!
  • Is there a minimum or maximum order quantity?
    No. You can order 1 label or 50,000 labels. You may order more. Usually when people order more it's because they do not want the decoration of their Brand to suffer n any way.
  • Do you have an in-house art department?
    Yes. If you’re in the printing business you need to have one or more. In our business we staff 4 people in our art department who are well-versed and equipped with what needs to be done.
  • Are there other costs I should be aware of?
    At Labelink, we take great care in giving it to you straight. We show you all the costs involved in printing your Brand and then work from there. It’s honest and unpretentious…just like you. And just like you we want to make it happen!
  • What is RFID?
    RFID stands for “Radio Frequency Identification”. RFID tags and labels are used to track, authenticate and provide branding experiences, using RF radio wave transmissions which can be completely contactless. The possible uses are endless, and we would enjoy brainstorming your requirements.
  • What info do I need to have if I am producing my very first label?
    First, you should have finished artwork and the quantity you will be needing for the first run. This is very important. Other than that, we can help you through the rest. It’s easy. And if you don’t have finished artwork, we’ll be able to direct you to a very good Graphic designer. We work with a few.