How Labelink Solved a Shrink Sleeve Application that Caused Substantial Production Inefficiencies

By Mélanie Rousseau Issued on July 31st, 2019
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About the client CHERRiSH manufactures an all-natural tart cherry juice beverage that features the powerful health benefits and flavour of the Montmorency tart cherry. The company started in 2015, selling mostly to professional sports teams and athletic clubs. More recently, CHERRiSH took advantage of the popularity of health beverages and made its way into convenience

Announcement – Loblaw Preferred Printer

By Labelink Labelink Issued on February 6th, 2014
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January 1, 2014 Markham, Ontario After a rigorous selection process, we are proud to announce that Labelink has been awarded the status of Preferred Printer for Loblaw. This recognition was based on our printing capabilities, quality, customer service and competitiveness. In addition to these assets, Labelink is an expert with Loblaw’s procedures and web portal,