RFID – What does it take?

By Labelink Labelink Issued on August 28th, 2013
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As I’ve mentioned before, RFID has proven to be an effective tool for efficiency creation, brand protection, product location and user experience.  But how does one start the process of “getting into RFID”?  Well as Canada’s foremost converter of RFID tags and labels, we’d certainly like to sell you some of our RFID technology and

RFID in Color – Now at Labelink!

By Labelink Labelink Issued on March 1st, 2013
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Enhance the magic of your RFID solution with full color graphics on your RFID label or tag!  RFID has proven to be an effective tool for efficiency creation, brand protection, product location and user experience. But why not expand on that effectiveness by adding color and graphics to your tag or label? Utilizing decades of

Can Your Pharmaceutical Label Supplier Guarantee Your Colors?

By Labelink Labelink Issued on November 1st, 2011
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If you’re buying custom printed labels or flexible packaging you will have color matching top of mind. Especially as it relates to your brand. Any variance  in color is unacceptable. And if your brand is in any of the major retailers in Canada or the US this becomes a quality issue that can cost you

How to Negotiate the Best Label & Flexible Packaging Deal

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Negotiating! It conjures up images of the UN…countries jockeying for their rights and global positioning with one another. Where someone loses and someone wins. But negotiating is much more than that. Webster’s describes negotiating as follows: to confer with another so as to arrive at the settlement of some matter. If only the UN knew

Keeping the labels & Flexible Packaging Deal Real

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You’ve heard it before, “Jack can sell refrigerators to an Eskimo”. ‘Yeah I know, but I don’t need a refrigerator.’ It’s what happens when the sales guy has all the right words and language. They’re hard to resist…kind of like car salesmen. Maybe it’s because the ‘toy’ is right in front of us. The best

Increase Your Buyer Prowess for Labels with this tip…

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Buying labels and flexible packaging isn’t easy. You want the best and the best price. But getting there isn’t that simple as you know. Ask most buyers and they will tell you that they are looking for quality, service and price…just not in that order. Maybe it’s because you are pressured by marketing, a hectic

Shrink to Increase Sales

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Packaging Your Brand The idea of using packaging to diversify your Brand isn’t new. In fact it’s one of the best and more cost efficient ways of dong so. Companies spend tons of money to ensure that their Brand is telling their story in a way that gives the consumer fewer competitor choices. At POP

3 Ways to Reduce Wine Label Inventory

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If you’re purchasing wine labels you know that you need to purchase larger quantities to achieve the price that you budgeted for. On many occasions I have walked into wineries only to see racks of labels sitting in inventory. Most often they have been payed for so you have your money just sitting on the

Expect RESULTS with this Cost Effective Solution for Customer Retention

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I remember when I had a meeting with a new prospect, a large cleaning company that manufactured and sold cleaning solutions to the industrial and retail sector. Obviously I was there to sell them our solution for their custom label and sticker business. While waiting in the lobby I noticed a plaque that had 10

Does Your Nutritional Label Really Speak to Your Customer on-shelf?

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Not too long ago many of you will remember a time a time when the word ‘nutrition’ was hardly mentioned. If it was, it was usually from a doctor. Nutritionists, Food Analysts, and the Food Industry in general was busy producing and looking to new trends to satisfy a growing population. Most moms stayed at

When it comes to your Wine Label, Can your printer do it all?

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Custom wine labels are just that, custom. That’s because they need to be run each year prior to the harvest. Each vintage and blend must be redesigned to represent the new vintage, to appeal to the consumer and stand out on the shelf. The label is the truest and first touch point that reflects the

Service Anyone?

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Some of you may remember The Lone Ranger show…ok I’m either dating myself or I love vintage TV and films. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. The Lone Ranger was all about helping good people. Saving the day. Rescuing the forgotten. Basically, he was in the customer service business. We are too and so

Are You Making a Claim on Your label that you can substantiate?

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Our media if filled with claims! False ones mostly! Companies inundate us with how their products will help us look like Justin Beaver (if you’re a young enough guy), smell like coco Chanel (if you’re a woman) and feel like you’ll live forever. We all know deep down that we probably won’t have abs that

Labelink Adds Shrink Capacity With Gallus ECS 340 Flexo Press

By Sabrina Ramtani Issued on June 21st, 2016
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Labelink Products Inc., a Toronto, Ontario label printing firm, was acquired in 2004 by Stephen Bouchard, who is still one of the principal owners today, along with minority owner, Bill McDougall. Two years later, in July of 2006, Labelink expanded by acquiring RTM Labels in Montreal. In 2011, the company went on to acquire Imaje

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter from Labelink!

Happy Valentine’s day

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  Happy Valentine’s day from Labelink!

Labelink’s new acquisition in Canada

By Sabrina Ramtani Issued on February 2nd, 2016
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February 2nd, 2016     Labelink’s new acquisition in Canada   Montreal, QC, Labelink Products Inc, one of the Canadian leaders in the printing of flexible packaging, labels and RFID, today announced that it has made its fifth acquisition. Labelink continues its industry consolidation process with the acquisition of Flexo Labels, manufacturer of labels, servicing its customers since 1980. Flexo

Reviving Paper Tickets

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Do you remember the time your Dad took you to your first hockey game? Do you remember the night Joe Carter hit the home run to win the 93 World Series? Often these memories are brought back to life by looking at the ticket stub from that game, a real printed stub you may have

Analytics, RFID and the NHL

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Markham, ON: October 6, 2014 Labelink as a primary manufacturer of high quality cpg labels and flexible packaging, when we mention that we also are Canada’s only manufacturer of RFID tags and labels as well, the first thing many of our traditional  customers ask is “What is RFID?”.  Well this is an easy, yet difficult

Announcement – Loblaw Preferred Printer

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January 1, 2014 Markham, Ontario After a rigorous selection process, we are proud to announce that Labelink has been awarded the status of Preferred Printer for Loblaw. This recognition was based on our printing capabilities, quality, customer service and competitiveness. In addition to these assets, Labelink is an expert with Loblaw’s procedures and web portal,

RFID – New Products

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Working  with customers to identify and solve problems is what we do best at Labelink.  A good example of that is two new products that have been developed and produced within the last month alone! 1.RFID  Traveler Using a two liner substrate, the RFID Traveler allows your RFID label to follow your product to multiple